Protect the world from pollution

We are envisioned to become the leader in Jute Industry and take our company to the acme. Our vision is to protect our world from pollution and spread the "fragrances of Eco-friendliness".

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Every companies have a different social responsibility strategies. Nature 4 Human mainly works for the rural development & social consciousness of general public. We are directly working for our Environment since we are dealing with an Eco friendly products. You are requested to join with us to make a "Greener World”.

Manufacturer Of Cloth Yarns & Burlap

Nature4Human is one of the manufacturers, exporters and wholesale suppliers of a wide range of jute bags and other jute products. The wide range of jute based products includes Jute Accessories, Jute Fabrics, Jute Fashion Items, Shopping Jute Bag, designer jute bag, jute beach bag, jute wine bag, promotional jute bag, and other jute products includes jute matting, fabrics, wall hangings, home furnishings.

Jute Twine And Rope

The company is 100% export-oriented and solely dedicated for the development, promotion, manufacture finished Jute goods. Having extensive experience strong presence in area Goods market Bangladesh exporting and manufacturing on Jute items. Today we are on the leading Wholesaler and Exporter in Dhaka, Bangladesh manufacturing Jute rope whis is made from Natural jute yarn.



Commonly known as jute, Corchorus capsularis is a tropical plant from which the fiber is extracted. Together with cotton, they are the two most commonly natural fiber worldwide used. Jute is also the name of the textile fibers extracted from another similar plant, Corchorus olitorius.

Several species can be exploited to produce it, but the mainly used are the Corchorus capsularis and Corchorus olitorius. Jute is a herbaceous plant, it attains a height of approximately 3-4 m and has a thickness of about 2 cm diameter. The leaves are petiolate, triangular blade of about 15 cm long and 5 cm wide, they are small and yellow. Jute fiber is extracted from the phloem vessels of the plant, which is located under the main stem.